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Corona Megh is the official website made by the Meghalaya government to prevent and give proper knowledge about COVID-19 and different ways to prevent it. Corona Megha Was created in March 2020 by the government of Meghalaya, Corona Megha. Essential information about the coronavirus, COVID-19 vaccination details, hospital bed information, as well as several ways to cure it, buy your own. Authorities in Meghalaya provide several important updates, as noticed on

Overview of COVID-19 (coronavirus)

COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus disease, is an endemic that took place in 2019, and after that, it’s practically all over the world. The Indian government, especially the Meghalaya Health Department Take some serious steps to take it under control and make several norms that become beneficial for normal people. If you feel sick, it is better to stay at home rather than go outside. And isolating yourself could be a much greater option for you and also for your loved ones. Take essential steps, and medicines will cure it for sure.

Virus NameSARS-CoV-2
Disease COVID-19
Corona Virus Total Cases in Meghalaya 94267, including 182 active cases, 
Covid 19 Incubation PeriodCOVID-19 Incubation Period
Corona Virus Common SymptomsFever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of smell & taste
Global Pandemic DeclaredMarch 11, 2020 By (WHO)
Methods Of TestingRT-PCR, antigen tests,
Preventionwearing masks, social distancing, home Isolation
VaccinesCovishield, Covaxin, etc.
TreatmentSupportive care, oxygen therapy

The Honourable Prime Minister of Meghalaya, Mr. Conrad Kongkal Sangma, took several steps to maintain control over the pandemic situation. The list of precautions and steps was given by the Ministry of Health Affairs of Meghalaya. By following these steps and precautions, anyone can lower their risk of getting infected with the virus.

There are many ways that you can cut off the risk of getting infected by this virus. The government body runs many campaigns to take it under control, and Corona Megha is one of them.

COVID-19 vaccination test check

Check your vaccination Lab Test in the portal. If you enter your registered phone number and click on the CORONA vaccination test, you will be automatically directed to the official Meghalaya website, where you can download your vaccination certificate along with additional information. Visit the Meghalaya Health Ministry’s official website to get more information about your and your family’s health.

Corona virus case details

According to the report, crowded cities in Meghalaya, such as Tura Shillong, are in the red zone because of the population and density of the people.

There are several numbers coming from different sources, but the estimation could be much higher than that, which is a serious issue. Because of the lockdown, you may have to face some difficulties in buying goods and medicines, but this step is essential to taking the situation under control.

ways to prevent the Corona virus

  • Vaccinate yourself and your family as soon as possible To avoid any kind of future Problems.
  • Always put a mask on your face (the mask should have three layers of protection).
  • Don’t go into any crowded places.
  • The distance of 2 m from everyone and also from your family members
  • Eat healthy, avoid junk foods, and package products during these days, which will boost your immunity.
  • Always clean your hands with hand sanitizer, which has a higher alcohol percentage.

For more information regarding coronavirus and its precautions, you can visit the official Indian Ministry of Health, where you can find lots of data regarding the case. Visit


How mainly does COVID-19 spread?

The main reason for spreading this virus among people is overcrowding and a lack of hygiene in people. This virus mainly spreads from infected people’s mouths and noses through sneezing or coughing.

How do I check my vaccination status on Corona Megh?

The official website of Corona Meghalaya is Corona Megh. After you enter your essential details, such as your phone number and Aadhar card number, you will see your vaccination status.

How do you protect yourself from the Corona virus?

Using a good-quality one-time mask and sanitizer can decrease the risk of coronavirus, for sure.

How do I check my COVID-19 vaccine status?

If you get vaccinated, then you can simply click on the vaccination status button, and after filling out the registered phone number, you can download your certificate and check your status.

Is the official website for Vovid-19 in Meghalaya?

You can find all the essential and important information related to the Coronavirus in Meghalaya at