Corona Meghalaya lab test report status check

To check your COVID-19 vaccination lab test report status, you have To verify your documents in this portal Citizens of Meghalaya can easily check their COVID-19 vaccination status on this portal without any problems. Both COVID-19 vaccines report status. The COVID shield and COVID-19 vaccine are available here. Follow the steps given below to check your vaccination status in no time.

How do I check the COVID vaccine lab test report?

Every person should check their COVID-19 vaccination status after they get vaccinated on this portal. The Government of Meghalaya officially announced that people should check their vaccination status as soon as possible on the Corona Megh portal. There are a few steps that you can follow to download your vaccination lab test report.

If you are facing any kind of technical error or other problems, then make sure to email
  • First of all, visit the official Meghalaya COVID-19 portal,, where you will find the latest announcements regarding vaccination status.
  • Simply scroll down, and you will find the lab test portal just below the latest announcement section.
  • Click on the portal, and you will be simply redirected to the main page, where you have to enter your registered mobile number, which you used during the vaccination, in the government vaccination center.
  • Enter the registered phone number.
  • then enter the one-time password OTP set by the Meghalaya government sector (only valid for 30 minutes).
  • Fill up the capta, and you will see the latest report of your COVID-19 vaccine.

important documents

To check your latest vaccination report, you have to arrange some of your essential documents.

  • Aadhar card
  • Registered phone number that you used during the vaccination.
  • Vaccination token (provided by the vaccination center during the vaccination time)

some additional information

If the server isn’t working, make sure you use a high-speed internet connection and visit the website after midnight.

If you are having trouble receiving a one-time password (OTP), wait a couple of hours and then try it again; it will be automatically fixed.

Never share your login ID and password with anyone; otherwise, you may have to face problems in the future.

After taking the first vaccine, make sure to get the second one within the date given below to your token. If you feel like getting your second vaccine, you have to contact your vaccination center for the second dose.